UK | RFA Proteus underwater surveillance ship enters service
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Published on 13/10/2023 at 16:51

RFA Proteus ship has entered service as the launchpad for remotely operated vehicles and a suite of specialist capabilities similar to those found in the oil and gas industries.

The ship will be operated by the Royal Fleet Auxiliary, the crucial support arm of the Royal Navy.

Proteus will serve as a testbed for advancing science and technological development enabling the UK to maintain the competitive edge under the surface.

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It’s just 11 months since the MOD committed to invest in Proteus, named after the god of rivers and water in Greek mythology, as the first ship in its Multi-Role Ocean Surveillance (MROS) program.

The 6,000-tonne vessel has undergone conversion and alterations ready for its mission. Crewed by 26 officers and sailors, augmented by 60 Royal Navy specialists responsible for the undersea surveillance, survey, and warfare systems.

The ship was initially used as an oil rig-support vessel.

Proteus is equipped with a flight deck and a 1,000-square-metre cargo deck, plus a heavy-duty crane for lifting and lowering operations.

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