IWI | Introduces Micro Folding Battle Sights to enhance Co-Witness capabilities
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Published on 28/04/2024 at 15:28

IWI (Israel Weapon Industries), a member of the SK Group, has unveiled its new Micro Folding Battle Sights (MFBS).

According to IWI, the MFBS represent a unique design that addresses the technological challenge of combining co-witness backup iron sights and higher reflex sights alongside various accessories on the Picatinny rail. 

According to the company, the system is specifically developed to conserve the valuable space on the rail without compromising the availability of backup sights, thus ensuring weapon reliability and functionality whenever needed and under any weather conditions.

The micro folding backup sights offer exceptional co-witness capabilities while taking up minimal space on any Picatinny rail. The MFBS can be lifted and folded when needed, in line with operational needs, and have a narrow profile about the width of the Picatinny rail. 

Additionally, they can be adapted to a range of high-reflex sights and accompanying tall means, with a low cross-section in the folded position. As such, the sights do not interfere with the other means mounted on the weapon. 

The Micro Folding Battle Sights offer versatility, as they can be adjusted with a simple tool, which makes field modifications easy, and are offered with or without tritium inserts. The front sights are offered in a narrow profile for sights without tritium inserts. 

The rear sights are designed with a quick modification between small and large apertures. 

The said sighting systems meet both NATO and MIL-STD drop tests.

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*Cover photo: IWI




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