DSEI 2021 | Debut for Rheinmetall’s Brimstone missile-armed Mission Master XT

Rheinmetall is currently presenting a brand-new module for its Mission Master XT autonomous UGV…

Australia | AUKUS Agreement – Revokes 34 billion euro French submarine contract

With the signing of the AUKUS agreement, Australia, the US and the UK have established a security pact in the Indo-Pacific region…

DSEI 2021 | Chief of National Guard visits the United Kingdom

During his visit, the Chief of Staff met with the Chief of the UK General Staff, General Sir Patrick Sanders…

Urban Warfare | Joint Exercise of Cyprus and Egypt Special Forces – PHOTOS AND VIDEO

On September 15, 2021, a demonstration of capabilities in urban warfare took place in the area of ​​Lythrodonta, in the context of…

DSEI 2021 | RBSL showcases game-changing main battle tank

The Rheinmetall-BAE joint company RBSL has revealed a new iteration of the Challenger main battle tank at this year’s DSEI…

Cyprus Issue | UN Security Council decisions, the only accepted framework

The commitment of Greece to the decisions of the UN Security Council as the only acceptable context of negotiation to resolve…

Eurofighter Typhoon | Italy joins UK in developing ECRS Mk2 radar

An Italian team of engineers from Leonardo’s Nerviano joins the British ECRS Mk2 radar development team for Eurofighter Typhoon…

HERMES | European program on innovative military technologies with the participation of Cyprus company Ebos Technologies LTD

The program concerns the development of data exchange platforms for defence against digital threats and autonomous defence systems…

Defence Minister N. Panagiotopoulos | Briefing of Special Parliamentary Committee on 5 armament programs

The Minister will present for discussion all 5 armament programs related to the support of systems that are deemed necessary for operations..

DSEI 2021 | Hard-kill C-UAS solution embraces UGV technology – VIDEO

Estonian and UK firms team up with a solution to counter threats posed by UAVs and loitering munitions.








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