The website www.defenceredefined.com.cy (hereinafter “the website”) belongs to C.D Multimedia Services Ltd (hereinafter the “company”). The visitor/user is required to carefully read the following terms of use and visit /use the website only if it fully accepts them.


The content on the website is only for information purposes and in no way, part of or the content in total should be and/or cannot in any way be construed as an invitation and/or instruction and/or advice and/or exhortation for any act and/or omission.

The visitor/user of the website understands and accepts that the content and/or services are provided “as is”.


Except third party copyrights or as expressly otherwise stated, the whole content on the site including (but not limited to) images, graphics, photos, designs, text are copyrights of the company and are being protected by legislation. The visitor/user understands and accepts that he/she is not entitled to reproduce, republish, copy, transmit, sell and/or commercially and/or otherwise exploit, in any way and by any means, part and/or the whole of the content of the site without the prior written permission of the company.


 The visitor/user is given the opportunity to register in various services through the website such as newsletters. If the visitor/user wishes to register in any of those services he/she must, provide true, valid and complete information regarding the information requested in the relevant applications. In addition, the visitor/user has the obligation to keep the registration details up to date. The visitor/user reserves the right to revoke his registration at any time. For more information on visitor/user rights please refer to the Privacy Policy.


The company encourages interaction with visitors/users and their ability to express their views by commending the website’s articles. However, it is clarified that all forms of racism and/or abusive and/or offensive expressions to third parties are prohibited, as well as incitement to violence in any way. A visitor/user that violates these rules by any means will be deleted and/or “blocked” by the website and/or the website’s profiles on social networks without notice. The Company and /or the administrators of the website reserve the right to approve and/or reject any comment and/or any form of content prior to or after its publication.

The opinions and/or comments expressed in an article are those of the author’s and/or visitor’s/user’s and may not constitute an opinion and /or position and/or be endorsed as such by the company and/or the website administrators.


With the exception of third party copyrights and/or explicitly stated exceptions, all content on the website, including (but not limited to) images, graphics, photographs, drawings, texts, is the intellectual property of the company and/or registered trademarks and/or services of the company and are protected by Cypriot law and /or European Law and/or International Conventions and/or treaties. The visitor/user understands and accepts that he/she is not given the right to reproduce and/or republish and/or copy and /or modify and/or transmit and/or “upload” to the Internet and/or anywhere else sell and/ or exploit in any way and by any means, the whole or part of the content of the website without first obtaining written permission from the company.


Cookies are files that are widely used in order for websites to be more efficient. More information about cookies and how to manage them can be found in the browser you use to access the Internet. The company collects cookies necessary for the operation of the website, to optimize the browsing experience of the visitor/user as well as for advertising purposes. More information about cookies collected by the website can be found in the Privacy Statement.

Collection and/or processing of cookies may be carried out by other internet services such as social media in which the company maintains an account/profile and/or via third parties’ links/hyperlinks who advertise their products and/or services on the website. The visitor/user is kindly asked to check the respective data usage and processing policies applied by third parties because they are fully responsible for providing their services.


The visitor/user of the website understands and accepts that he/she has the sole responsibility to compensate the company and/or its associates for any legal dispute arising between the company and third parties, due to the visitor/user. It is understood that the company reserves its rights in the event of any damage caused by the visitor/user in any way and by any means.


The present terms and conditions of use for the website including any future amendments are governed by and supplemented by Cypriot Law. In the event of a legal dispute, the Cyprus Courts shall have jurisdiction over the dispute in question and Cypriot Law shall apply.


The company makes every effort, but cannot guarantee the validity of the information posted on this website at any time. The company and/or the website administrators cannot guarantee and they are not responsible for any delays and/or failures and/or interruption and/or any damage to data and/or any information related to the use of this site. Access to and usage of the site is the sole responsibility of the visitor/user.

The company and/or the administrators of the website undertake the collection, processing and distribution of the website’s content, however due to the volume of information collected, multiple sources and the possible participation of third parties in the content creation process, they do not bear any responsibility for any spelling and/or other errors in the published content. Furthermore, the company and/or the administrators of the website are not responsible for any kind of damage that may arise as a result of the use of the material in question.

The company and/or the website administrators do not necessarily endorse and/or accept the content and/or services of third parties who advertise products and/or services by any means on this website. In addition, the company and the website administrators are not responsible for the communication between the visitor/user with third parties and/or any commercial transaction that may arise between them.

The company reserves the right to modify part and/or all of the above at any time and for any reason without prior notice.

The use of the website indicates that the visitor/user accepts all the above. If the visitor/user does not accept the all the above, then the visitor/user should not visit/use this website.

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