ALTUS LSA | Participates in EUROSATORY 2024 with KERVEROS in the foreground
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Published on 27/06/2024 at 18:12

Athanasios Tsakalos*

The participation of ALTUS LSA in EUROSATORY 2024 is among the Greek participations of operational significance.

With extensive experience in the manufacture of drones, the innovative company from Chania attracted the visitors’ attention at the Hellenic Pavilion – among them the Minister of National Defence, Mr. Nikos Dendias – with KERVEROS, the integrated Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle that has been jointly developed by the French MBDA and ALTUS LSA pursuant to a cooperation agreement signed last winter. 

The Vice President BoD of ALTUS LSA, Lt General (ret.) Taxiarchis Sardellis, with the Greek Defence Minister, Mr. Nikos Dendias, at the company’s pavilion at EUROSATORY 2024

The weapon system in question consists of the ATLAS 8/H Heavylifter drone and twin AKERON MP (formerly MMP) anti-tank missile launchers as payload, in addition to its electro-optic payload. 

ALTUS LSA CEO Zacharias Sarris at the company’s pavilion at EUROSATORY 2024

As an integrated UCAV, KERVEROS will operate based on a vehicle, which will also operate as a mobile Command and Control Center (C2). Furthermore, according to the company, the operational capability in a swarming configuration is available through the M3NTOR Command System, which has been developed by ALTUS LSA itself for conducting network-centric operations.

ATLAS 8H Technical characteristics:

  • Endurance: 25 minutes, 4 hours in hybrid version
  • Range: 20 km, 80 km in hybrid version
  • Payload weight: 40 kg

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Regarding the AKERON-family missiles, these can be launched from ground, aerial (helicopter, UAV), and naval platforms, as well as used as man-portable systems, being fully integrated into a digital combat environment.

AKERON’s technical characteristics:

  • Multimode seeker: SAL / TV / uncooled IR
  • Operational range: +8 km up to 20km
  • Warhead: Multipurpose with selectable mode
  • Data link: Bidirectional RF
  • Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) to optimize trajectory (Flat, Lofted, Highly Diving) in accordance with the type of target, the weather conditions and the operational environment
  • Missile launcher: Twin or Quad configuration with man-machine interface
  • Quad Launcher weight: 200kg (with ammunition)
  • Twin Launcher weight: 120kg (with ammunition)

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In fact, KERVEROS secured its operational credentials with a successful test at the Crete shooting range on November 7 and 8, 2023.

The test was attended by senior officers of MBDA Missile Systems who, during the visit, had the opportunity to learn about the organization, activities and capabilities of the Crete Shooting Range which also participated in EUROSATORY with its own pavilion as NAMFI.

It is worth noting that ALTUS LSA products are used by various national and international organizations, such as the OSCE, NATO, EMSA (European Maritime Safety Agency), Frontex, the Hellenic Armed Forces and Security Forces as well as the Cyprus police.

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