eBOS Technologies | At EUROSATORY 2024 aiming to establish itself in the Defence and Security industry
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Published on 25/06/2024 at 18:27

Cypriot company eBOS Technologies has made its maiden appearance at this year’s EUROSATORY, a move that confirms the company’s strategic decision to invest resources and offer solutions in the demanding defence and security industry.

eBOS Technologies, a small- and medium-sized company based in Cyprus, already counts 21 consecutive years of presence in the market providing customized solutions to government, institutional, and corporate entities in the RegTech and Fintech sectors.

In particular, the company’s product portfolio includes a wide range of adaptable regulatory technological applications regarding risk management, compliance, transaction monitoring, customer screening, anti-money laundering, and governance, supported by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI&ML).

The company’s Crown Jewel is the WiseBOS Suite, a revolutionary, fully integrated business solution designed to assist in risk management and customer due diligence based on the best security standards against the ever-changing business needs of companies.

In addition to these, the company is equally active in the areas of Research and Development, as it has participated in more than 70 European research programs like FP7, H2020, CEF, DEP, EDIDP and EDF, of which 50 are currently “running”. 

In fact, the company ranks in the first position in terms of successful participation in the Horizon Europe research programs in the last 17 years with co-financed projects worth more than 560 million. 

This is a great achievement for the Cypriot context, which lies with the company’s highly-qualified team of researchers (PhD and PostDoc), who constitute more than 20% of the personnel in a total of more than 90 people. The individual technical teams specialize in the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI), CyberSecurity, Electrical applications, 5G/6G, Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning. 

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Involvement in Defence and Security 

The company, having established its position in the RegTech and Fintech sectors, is looking to expand its activities in the Defence and Security industry, where it has already secured patents related to Security. 

In the field of Defence, the company has already taken its first steps, as it participates in 3 projects. In particular, eBOS participated as a coordinator in the project Hermes Data Exchange Platform (DXP) within the framework of the European Defence Industrial Development Program (EDIDP) “EDIDP-SME-2020-099-HERMES”, for which the final evaluation report was recently completed with the presentation of its main results. 

In addition, eBOS recently won two more research projects under the European Defence Fund (EDF), where it spearheaded the writing of the proposals: 5G MILNET and Raptor. 

MILNET concerns the development of a secure communication bubble for Armed Forces communication, even after the eventual complete destruction of a country’s communication infrastructure. Therefore, each user can set up this ad hoc network in a few minutes to provide reliable services to its personnel.

The other project is pertaining to condition monitoring of small, portable weapons with the aim of preventive maintenance to ensure their safe use, while the technology in question has the potential to be scaled to larger weapon systems such as ground and naval guns.

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At the exhibition, the company also presented a standard drone, the DefenceBOS Aeraptor, whose presence indicates the company’s capabilities in providing AI-based software for Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) for various missions.

Apart from electro-optical systems for ISTAR missions, potentially this drone could be used either as a kamikaze drone or as a 5G communication module carrier to install an ad hoc communication network in the field, fully resistant to jamming and spoofing environments. 

The drone in question, according to the company, can also be characterized as a dual-use system, as it could have an operational application in border security missions, while it is currently being used in a program related to grain surveillance for smart agriculture applications. 

According to the above, the company hopes to also attend the next EUROSATORY exhibition with more defence-oriented solutions, contributing to the development of the domestic defence industry.

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