Ukraine | Satellite images depict destruction of Russian drone base
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Published on 24/06/2024 at 07:52

Ukraine claims that satellite images show the destruction of a Russian warehouse used to launch Iranian-made drones and train cadets.

The photos follow reports of a huge explosion near a Russian airport in the southern Krasnodar region.

Moscow has yet to comment on the reports, but said it shot down several drones in the area overnight on Friday.

Navy officials in Kiev said that a number of instructors and cadets learning to operate the Iranian-made Shahed unmanned aerial vehicles were killed in the attack, which, they said, occurred on Friday night.

In a Telegram post, Navy officials in Kiev said that the operation was planned and conducted in cooperation with Ukrainian intelligence.

The base was located in the Sea of ​​Azov opposite the occupied Ukrainian city of Mariupol, according to data from Planet Labs – the US-based company that took the photos.

Photos posted on social media showed two large warehouses breaking up from a north-south road on April 11. Later photos taken on Saturday showed one warehouse completely destroyed, while the other sustained significant damage.

Officials said that the missiles were US-made ATACMS missiles, which are capable of delivering deep strikes into Russian territory.

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