Remote Modular Terminal | The US Space Force’s new weapon system
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Published on 29/04/2024 at 16:47

The US Space Force has unveiled its new Remote Modular Terminal (RMT) weapon system.

The system has completed its recent tests, with STARCOM (Space Training and Readiness Command) not releasing the results, but only relevant footage.

The Remote Modular Terminal is used to disrupt and jam the operation of enemy satellites, as once it “locks” on the enemy target, it emits radio waves, as a result of which the enemy’s satellite communications are interrupted.

STARCOM announced that as part of the Remote Modular Terminal test, the system was put into operation from two separate locations while the third time US soldiers used it remotely, thereby demonstrating its operational flexibility.

As seen in the published photos, the new weapon system looks like a satellite “dish” with a diameter of about 3 meters.

Its primary mission will be to intercept and neutralize enemy satellite communications and it will also be used for surveillance and munition satellite guidance missions.

Furthermore, STARCOM’s design provides that the Remote Modular Terminal will be deployed in large numbers and at a distance from concentrated infantry forces, so that they are not at risk.

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The RMT test comes as the US military continues to invest in enhancing its space capabilities amid a rivalry with China and growing threats from Russia.

Beijing has accelerated the development of space platforms such as spy satellites and spacecraft, while it has also formed a fifth military force – the “Near-Space Command” – said to protect a disputed zone seen as critical to determining the outcome of future warfare.

With information from: Defense Post

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*Photos by US Space Force




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