Shadow Seal | JFD’s submarine at SOFIC 2022 exhibition – VIDEO and Photos
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Published on 17/05/2022 at 17:13

JFD’s Shadow Seal submarine was showcased, among others, at the SOFIC 2022 exhibition in Florida.

The Shadow Seal MK 1C TDV (Tactical Diving Vehicle) was showcased at the SOFIC 2022 exhibition by JFD in collaboration with Blue Tight Marine (BTM), which was founded by a former member of the Navy SEALS. The combination of JFD products and the services provided by BTM in the maritime sector aspires to establish the collaboration between the two companies in this field. In addition to the Shadow Seal, JFD also produces other special operations submarines, including the Seal Carrier.

Shadow Seal technical characteristics:

  • Length: 8 m
  • Beam length: 1.42 m
  • Height: 1.27 m.
  • Weight: 2.5 tons
  • Number of crew: 4 people
  • Maximum diving depth: 30 m
  • Maximum surface speed: 7 knots
  • Maximum underwater speed: 5 knots
  • Payload: 450 liters

The submarine’s 4-member crew in the two seats can alternately take the role of pilot as the one pilot required by the submarine can control the latter from both the front and rear positions. Thus, it is possible to transport four divers, while the handling of the submarine itself is considered quite easy by the company. At the surface its range reaches 60 nautical miles, while underwater it is 40 nautical miles. Despite its size, it can be towed by small boats, propeller planes and small cranes.

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