EODH “HOPLITE” | The Greek  4 × 4 armored vehicle was presented before the General Staff of Army – Photos

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Published on 23/08/2020 at 12:00

The Multipurpose Armored vehicle HOPLITE, of the Greek company EODH, was officially presented at the General Army Staff (GES) and the General Staff of National Guard (GEEF), according to greek media.


According to the reports, the HOPLITE armored vehicle (4 × 4) was developed with EODH resources to cover national and international needs in multi-role armored vehicles. It is a new generation vehicle with modular design and high performance, suitable to meet both military and security forces requirements. 

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The new design aims to create a basic platform with a maximum gross weight of 12 tons with a payload of 2 tons, easily adaptable to different roles, with the main features of high reliability and operational readiness as well as the lowest possible requirements in Logistics, high survival and the ability to conduct operations under any conditions. 

EODH claims that the final product is offered at a perfectly reasonable cost and without compromising on comfort, safety and ergonomics for the crew and the rest of the personnel.


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General Characteristics:

  • The vehicle is based on a heavy-type, mine-resistant body optimized for heavy military duty
  • A fully protected cabin (mission capsule) is mounted on the upper part of the above-mentioned rigid body. This cabin is optimized for maximum interior space and shipping flexibility
  • The cabin is removable, it connects to the main vehicle with quick connectors and can be replaced in minimum time even in field conditions
  • Using the same body with a different mission capsule, the vehicle can be used for different roles in minimal time, depending on existing needs
  • In addition, the cabin can be hydraulically raised to the side to provide easy access to the power and transmission unit
  • The vehicle is designed for operation under extreme environmental conditions (-23 ° C to + 49 ° C)
  • The design offers many different configuration options, based on variations of the basic cabin design, under a common frame
  • The standard cabin comes with 5 doors and a flat roof
  • Variations with 2, 3 and 4 doors are available on flat or high ceilings
  • The rear cabin can accept payloads or various types of weapon systems, sensors and standard cages
  • The basic version is designed to carry a crew of 8 people


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In the critical area of protection – survivability, which also represents the field of specialization for EODH, the Greek company has paid particular attention to:

  • The level of protection provided for passengers is Level 3 based on NATO STANAG 4569
  • The blast-proof vehicle and the cabin floor act as a dual energy absorption mechanism and provide excellent safety features for the vehicle’s occupants
  • Special anti-mine protection seats with 5-point seat belts are provided as standard

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In terms of armament, the vehicle can be equipped with a Remote Control Weapon Station (RCWS) armed with a heavy machine gun (M2HB) stabilized in two axes. The gun can also be equipped with night vision sights and has an ammunition pot of 500 rounds.The total weight of the system is 250kg. Alternatively, a 40mm automatic grenade launcher or a light or medium machine gun can be installed. 

In addition, it has 2 quadruple 76mm smoke grenade launchers on the roof.

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The technical characteristics of the vehicle are the following:

  • 5.7L Turbo Diesel engine
  • Power 300hp / 221kW 
  • Torque 1.100Nm @ 1.200-1.800rpm
  • 6-speed Fully Automatic Transmission
  • Maximum Speed ​​120 Km/h
  • Range 700 km
  • Turning radius 16.5 m
  • Slope ability 60%
  • Lateral Slope ability 35%
  • 2-speed transmission (slow-fast) with integrated Handbrake
  • Hydraulic steering system
  • 24V-360Amp electrical system with dimming lights
  • Hydraulic Brake System with front-rear discs and anti-lock braking system (ABS)
  • Independent  front and rear axles with 100% differential lock.
  • Suspensions with helical springs, hydraulic shock absorbers and stabilizing rods

To date, EODH has completed the design and development phase and proceeded to build a prototype for the necessary testing and certification based on European and NATO standards. The next step is the construction of a second prototype, which will have the final configuration as agreed in collaboration with the user and will incorporate, as far as possible, selected and certified Greek-made subsystems. This will be followed by a series of tests and certifications on the part of the user, the restoration of any observations and then it will be ready for serial production.

This will be followed by a series of tests and certifications by the user, the correction of any observations and then the vehicle will be ready for serial production.


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