ATF DINGO 2 | The capabilities of the 4X4 vehicle and the Greek involvement
Andreas Pogiatzi
Published on 10/06/2023 at 15:56

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The German armored vehicle ATF DINGO is a fully protected personnel carrier based on the Mercedes-Benz UNIMOG 5000 (4X4) truck chassis.

It was developed by Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) – a member of the KNDS group – in 1995 with the first Dingo 1 vehicles delivered to the German military in 2000.

The vehicle has quite impressive armor (up to LEVEL 4+ based on NATO STANAG 4569) and can operate in environments contaminated with nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) substances. DINGO 2 can meet all the requirements of its users, having a large payload.

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After the successful appearance and presence of DINGO 1, KMW developed DINGO 2, which entered service in 2004 after successfully passing all tests.

The differentiation of the new vehicle lies in its larger size, with a higher level of protection. It is based on a larger and stronger UNIMOG chassis and, according to experts, it is the best protected vehicle in its category.

DINGO 2 is designed to be able to carry out a variety of missions under any climatic conditions around the world. Its modern systems make it capable of safe personnel transport, reconnaissance and escort missions.

On the roof of the vehicle, there is a Remote Controlled Weapon Station (RCWS) FLW 100/FLW 200 (for the German version), which can be operated from the interior of the vehicle ensuring further protection for its users.

The modular design of the vehicle consists of the chassis, the protected V-shaped crew cabin, the vehicle storage space at the rear, the engine compartment and an additional mechanism (bottom mine deflector) to protect the bottom of the vehicle from explosive devices such as mines or IEDs.

The protection of the vehicle is achieved thanks to the construction materials of its armor which, in its basic version, is made of high-strength steel, while its design allows the installation of additional composite armor (see below). It is noted that all personnel seats are specially designed to absorb shocks in the event of a mine explosion or other explosive mechanism.

Driver’s seat in DINGO 2 ©️ KMW

Another well protected area of vehicle is also the 215 hp engine compartment, located at the front of the vehicle. The vehicle can cover a distance of 60 degrees uphill and 30 degrees downhill. It can overpass a half meter wide trench and drive into one meter deep water.

The various instruments on the vehicle’s dashboard are well laid out and illuminated, coming with visual and audible warning signals for improved monitoring.

In general, the vehicle has a small footprint, is light and can be airlifted in a short time by C-130, C-160 aircraft and CH-47 helicopters.

DINGO 2 Variations:

  • DINGO 2 NBC: Equipped with sensors for identification and observation in NBC conditions
  • DINGO 2 GSR: Equipped with surveillance radar
  • DINGO 2 Patrol: The basic version of the vehicle with Remote Controlled Weapon Station (RCWS) armed with a 7.62 mm Light Machine Gun (LMG) or a 12.7 mm Heavy Machine Gun (HMG).
  • MEDEVAC Vehicle: A vehicle for transporting injured personnel
  • DINGO 2 PickUp: Vehicle with a cargo compartment, instead of a personnel compartment, at the rear of the vessel
  • DINGO 2 GSI: Logistics vehicle
  • DINGO 2 ARV: Armored recovery vehicle with a crane mounted on the rear of the vessel


DINGO 2 in the theatre of operations

In September 2022, after the successful Ukrainian counteroffensive in Kherson, Germany fulfilled its promise to Ukraine by equipping it with 50 ATF DINGO 2s.

Fierce and intense fighting however, particularly in the city of Bahamut, brought the first casualties for DINGO 2, with equipment loss tracking website Oryx locating 5 destroyed vehicles in and around the city.

Destroyed ATF DINGO 2 on the “road of death”, Bakhmut, Ukraine. ©️ Reuters

It is worth noting that Norwegian DINGOs were also used in the Afghanistan war against the Taliban in 2001-2002, with the country ordering another 20 vehicles from Norway in 2010.

It is also noted that although some DINGO vehicles were seriously damaged by improvised explosive devices (IEDs) or mines in Afghanistan or in the Sahel region in Africa, not a single crew member was ever killed during their presence there.

ATF DINGO in Afghanistan

DINGO 2 Techical Factsheet:

  • Weight: 8.8 – 11.9 tons
  • Height: 2.5 meters
  • Length: 5.45 meters
  • Width: 2.3 meters
  • Endurance: Up to 1,000 km
  • Maximum speed: 90+ km/h
  • Engine: Diesel 160 kW
  • Crew: 2+8 (Driver, remote weapon station operator and 8 personnel members)
  • Basic Armament:

1× 7.62 mm LMG

1× M2 Browning 0.50″ HMG

1× HK GMG Grenade Launcher

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The DINGO 2 with Greek armor

In 2021, the DINGO 2 was presented at the International Defence Equipment Exhibition DEFEA in Athens, equipped with the ASPIS D-FORCE protection system of EODH S.A.

The DINGO 2 at the EODH stand at DEFEA 2021 with visible ASPIS D-FORCE armor from the Greek company but also Valhalla’s RCWS with a 0.50″ machine gun

During the exhibition, a contract was signed to extend the cooperation of the Greek company with KMW for another 10 years in the field of tank armor and armored combat vehicles. This fact proves KMW’s trust in the Greek EODH S.A. and its capabilities.

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As for the ASPIS protection system, this is a modular protection system capable to provide protection against ballistic threats, mines and IEDs.

The DINGO 2 prototype presented at DEFEA 2021 and later at EUROSATORY 2022 featured additional ASPIS D-FORCE passive armor by EODH which does not affect the vehicle’s ergonomics or its transport capacity, but increases the armor to LEVEL 4+ (NATO STANAG 4569).

In summary, we could say that the ATF DINGO is a reliable, combat-proven vehicle. In an ongoing full-scale war like the Ukrainian one it is inevitable that there will be losses of all kinds of equipment, of even the flagship Leopard 2A6.

Photos of the recent destruction of Leopard 2A6 and other combat vehicles in Ukraine in the area of ​​Malaya Tokmachka

Priority is always given to the best possible protection of personnel, something DINGO operators are very well aware of.

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