SignalGeneriX | Pan-European lead in participation in EDIDP programs – Presentation to EDA Chief Executive

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Published on 13/10/2021 at 19:02

A huge success for the domestic research and development in the defence and security sector, is the pan-European lead for the Cyprus Small and Medium Enterprise SignalGeneriX with its participation in EDIDP projects.

SignalGeneriX, participating in a total of 6 funded projects of the European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP) for 2019 and 2020, is ranked as the first Small and Medium Enterprise at the pan-European level.

The great success of the Cyprus innovative company was by no means overlooked by the Chief Executive of the European Defence Agency (EDA), Mr. Jiří Šedivý, who congratulated the CEO of SignalGeneriX, Dr. Tassos Kounoudis, on the success of the company. 

Mr. Šedivý, who had the opportunity to get to know the company and some of its products at the Cyprus Pavilion at the DEFEA exhibition last July, said it was important that research and development results be transformed into defence products, as SignalGeneriX does. 

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During the 2-day visit of Mr. Šedivý to Cyprus, which was completed yesterday, he was briefed at the Ministry of Defence in the presence of the Minister of Defence, Mr. Charalambos Petridis, and representatives from companies, research centers, and institutions participating in EDA and EDIDP programs, with the aim of developing European armament capabilities.  

Among other things, Mr. Petridis stressed that one of the main pillars of the foreign and defence policies of the Republic of Cyprus is to have a strong interest and participation in important European initiatives. “Despite the fact that we do not have a defence industry in the strict sense of the word, in recent years we have managed to play an important role in projects of the European Defence Agency and PESCO.”


Mr. Šedivý pointed out that Cyprus and SignalGeneriX are an example to follow, as an active state and company in the field of research and innovation in capabilities building programs, as shown by the results of EDIDP programs. He added that EDA will continue to support the private sector for networking and innovation promotion purposes.

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SignalGeneriX participates in four EDIP programs for the year 2019 and two for the year 2020, in which it develops specialized new generation electronic defence systems. In detail:

EDIDP 2019 

  • LOTUS: Development of a low-observable tactical Remotely Piloted Air Systems (RPAS) 
  • LynkEU: Development of a common European Beyond Line Of Sight (BLOS) anti-tank capability
  • DECISMAR: Development of a Decision Support Toolbox (DSTx) 
  • SMOTANET: Development of Software-Defined Mobile Ad-hoc Tactical Network Devices and Testbed 

EDIDP 2020

  • JEY – CUAS: Joint European sYstem for Countering Unmanned Aerial Systems
  • USSPS: Development of Unmanned Semi-fixed Sea Platforms for Maritime Surveillance

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The total funding for these projects amounts to approximately 60 million euros. In these projects, SignalGeneriX develops important technological collaborations with major companies such as Naval Group, Leonardo, MBDA, Airbus Defense, Intracom Defense, Thales, Saab, Rheinmetall, Indra, and many others.  

The success of the company, according to the CEO of Dr. Tassos Kounoudis, is not just random participation in successful programs, but the result of a long-term investment and specialization which have brought the company to a scientific and technical level equivalent to the largest technology companies in Europe. 

“The company has continuously invested in the last 15 years in both infrastructure and scientific personnel, so that it may cooperate with international major companies in joint development and subsequent joint production of defence systems. It is extremely important that we develop the conditions for the production of electronic systems for defence products in Cyprus,” stated Dr. Kounoudis to DEFENCE ReDEFiNED.

The participation of SignalGeneriX and other Cyprus companies participating in European Programs will contribute to the development of domestic defence research, innovation, and technology while creating new job opportunities.

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