EXCLUSIVE | Cyprus is participating with a National Pavilion at Defence Exhibition Athens (DEFEA)
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Published on 19/05/2021 at 19:00

The long-awaited Defence Exhibition Athens (DEFEA), which will be held in Athens, between July 13-15, is a large Defence Industry exhibition with the participation of Greek and International companies.

The companies participating in the exhibition will present the latest technologies and cutting-edge defence systems in:

  • Land/ sea/ air
  • National security systems
  • Cyber security systems
  • Vehicles, vessels and aircrafts
  • Sub-assemblies and ammunition
  • Communication and detection systems
  • Weapons and weapon systems
  • Personal equipment & tools
  • Information & cyber security
  • Training, navigation & simulation
  • Infrastructures, logistic support & transportation
  • Medical, R&D and services

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For the first time, Cyprus will participate in a Defense Industry Exhibition with a National Pavilion under the auspices of the Ministry of Defence. Specifically, in addition to the Ministry of Defence, 9 other companies/organizations and 2 media companies from Cyprus, will take part in the exhibition as shown below (alphabetically): 

Companies – Organizations participating in the Cypriot Pavilion

ADDITESS – The company is active in the field of research and studies concerning issues related, among others, to security policies, transportation security and border management as well as critical infrastructure protection.

AMADEMA – The company deals with the design and manufacturing of advanced composite materials, in a variety of industries such as aviation, defence, sports, automotive, shipping, etc., providing a variety of material services and product solutions in the field of materials.

CYRIC – The company offers Research and Innovation Services in the fields of engineering design and prototyping, electronics and communications and software solutions. In addition, a number of specialised consultancy and entrepreneurship services are offered to startups and SMEs.

ERATOSTHENES CENTER OF EXCELLENCE (ECoE) – The mission of the ERATOSTHENES Center of Excellence of the Cyprus University of Technology (TEPAK), is to conduct both basic and applied research towards improved understanding, management, and monitoring of natural resources and infrastructures and to offer expert services and high-end products.

GEOIMAGING – The company provides services in the fields of Geoinformatics, Topography and Research to customers in Cyprus and worldwide using specialized equipment and cutting-edge technologies. 

HOUTRIS – The company specializes in the manufacturing and design of innovative products for customized needs and applications. The company provides the market, among others, with a range of fire fighting trucks & vehicles, truck bodies, refuse collection vehicles, trailers, airport handling equipment and specialized vehicles for the armed forces. 

IMPORTICA – The company focuses on the import and sale of vessels related inter alia to the armed forces as well as other marine related services including vessel maintenance and repairs.

SIGNAL GENERIX – The company is active in the design and development of electronic products based on its expertise in digital signal processing and communication technologies, with a significant part focusing on products used for Defence and Security.

ZOMIDEA – The company is active in the design and construction of exhibition stands for Defence and Security exhibitions worldwide. The company is also the representative of DEFEA in Cyprus.

Media Companies

CD Multimedia Services Ltd will participate with a stand in the exhibition via our website DEFENCE ReDEFiNED, the media partner of DEFEA. DBDC International Defense Publications & Events LTD will also participate in the exhibition with the bi-monthly defence magazine Greek Defense News.

Stay tuned for the latest news on the exhibition and participating companies.

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