SAAB | New feature of the Barracuda Camouflage Screen waives communication challenges
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Published on 08/09/2023 at 12:21

SAAB announced a new feature for its Barracuda Ultra Lightweight Camouflage Screen (ULCAS).

The feature in question provides the Armed Forces with the capability of combining protection from the enemy with the possibility of communicating with friendly forces.

Barracuda camouflage nets provide vital protection for a soldier, hiding the operator from radar sensors, for instance. However, the same characteristics providing that protection also limit the use of GPS and/or VHF communications from and to the net (the area it covers).

SAAB’s new Frequency Selective Surface technology (FSS) allows selected radio frequencies to pass easily either way through the camouflage net, while protecting against the higher frequencies of electromagnetic waves, which are used by radar systems. Regarding the other features of the system, you can read our article from its presentation at EUROSATORY 2022 here.

This innovation represents a significant advancement in modern signature management technology. 

SAAB’s camouflage solutions, including the ULCAS with FSS feature, will be showcased during the DSEI 2023 event in London, to be held on September 12-15 (booth H7-210).

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