Libya | Five Greeks dead in the horrific traffic accident – Three-day mourning declared in the Hellenic Armed Forces
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Published on 18/09/2023 at 08:29

The Greek members of the humanitarian mission who lost their lives in Libya, after a traffic accident that took place yesterday on the road to Derna, are eventually five.

In particular, three military and two civilians (interpreters) lost their lives in the horrific car accident and their bodies will be transported to Greece by C-27.

The C-130 traveling to Libya to pick up 14 injured landed in Elefsina earlier this morning. Five of these 14 people were seriously injured in the accident of the Greek humanitarian mission and were taken from the 115th Combat Wing to hospitals in Athens by ambulance.

The Greek C-27 carrying the 5 bodies will take off from Benghazi shortly. There were 19 people on the mission carrying medicines and food with them.

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Regarding the death of members of the Greek humanitarian aid mission in Libya, the Minister of National Defence, Nikos Dendias, stated:

“I express my deepest sorrow for the death of the three members of the Hellenic Armed Forces, who lost their lives while on duty, participating in the Greek humanitarian aid mission in Libya. The loss of their lives in an accident, during the practical demonstration of solidarity to our fellowmen who are suffering, together with members of missions from other states, causes immense sadness to the large family of the Hellenic Armed Forces, as well as to the entire Greek people.

I also express my deepest sorrow for the death of the two civilians who were part of the same mission.

Our thoughts are both with the families of the victims, to whom we express our most sincere condolences, and with the injured, to whom we wish to get well soon.

By my decision, three-day mourning is declared in the Hellenic Armed Forces for the officers’ passing during the humanitarian aid mission in Libya.”

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