Cyprus | 38 years since the illegal pseudo-state proclamation
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Published on 15/11/2021 at 12:50

Today marks 38 years since the illegal proclamation of the pseudo-state in the occupied territories of the Republic of Cyprus.

Thirty-eight years have passed since the day when Turkey and the then Turkish-Cypriot leadership illegally proceeded to proclaim the occupied territories of the Republic of Cyprus a “state”. A “state” that has never been recognized by the international community, except for Turkey.

Not only did the international community not recognize the pseudo-state, but in a series of Security Council resolutions, it condemned and declared the said proclamation as legally void, calling on all UN member-states not to recognize it.

In Resolutions 541 and 550, the UN Security Council “condemns the attempted secession of part of the Republic of Cyprus, considers this action legally void, and calls for its withdrawal. At the same time, it calls on all states not to recognize it and to respect the independence, territorial integrity, and unity of the Republic of Cyprus.”

With events and marches of condemnation, pupils, students, and occupied municipalities express their reaction to the proclamation. The Pancyprian Federation of Student Unions (POFEN) organizes an anti-occupation event that will start at 10.30 at the Famagusta Gate and will head to the roadblock of Agios Cassianos along with a music event. At the same time, the Pancyprian Students Coordinating Committee (PSEM) organizes anti-occupation events condemning the pseudo-state in all cities.

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At 19.00 the Speaker of Parliament will be the key speaker at the event of the Committee of Occupied Municipalities and the Committee of Occupied Communities in an event held to Condemn the Proclamation of the Pseudo-State entitled “Memories of an Occupied Land” at Kykkos Monastery in Nicosia.

At 19.15 the Independent Student Campaign of the University of Cyprus will hold an event on the occasion of the 38th anniversary of the illegal proclamation of the pseudo-state entitled “Pseudo-state: 38 years later – Where are we heading?

By contrast, celebrations will be held in the occupied areas with 21 salutes and will be followed by the main part of the event on Fazil Kuciuk Avenue. Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay will be represented at the celebrations on Monday.

In his proclamation for the 38th anniversary of the pseudo-state proclamation yesterday, Ersin Tatar said that the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC)” – as he called the pseudo-state – could not be abandoned.”

He also reiterated his position for a “fair, permanent and viable solution” in Cyprus, which does not lie – as he said – in the federation, but in his proposal for a solution based on two equal and sovereign states.

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Greek Foreign Ministry: Turkey continues its flagrant violation of fundamental principles of international law

“The anniversary recalls for the 38th consecutive year the flagrant violation of fundamental principles of the United Nations Charter and international law,” the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs says in a statement on the occasion of today’s anniversary.

At the same time, the Greek Ministry emphasizes that Turkey is still the only country that ostentatiously ignores the explicit condemnation of the proclamation of this illegal and separatist entity by the United Nations Security Council with Resolutions 541/1983 and 550/1984.

“The illegal Turkish attempts to cause new developments in Varosia, in clear violation of Resolution 789/1992, the violations in Cyprus’ maritime zones as well as the insistence on unacceptable demands for a so-called two-state ‘solution’ outside the framework of the Security Council Resolutions have been added to Turkey’s constant contempt of the above Resolutions and International Law,” it is noted in the announcement.

Finally, the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs underlines that Greece will continue to contribute to the efforts of the Republic of Cyprus for the resumption of negotiations as well as to the settlement of the Cyprus problem and the reunification of the Island on the basis of the Security Council Resolutions and the European acquis. “An island united, free from occupying troops and the anachronistic system of guarantees.”

Source: euronews.gr

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