Turkey | Creation of a naval base in Karpasia – Map
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Published on 20/10/2021 at 09:44

The first step for the creation of a naval base in the pseudo-state (TRNC) by Turkey has already been formalized. 

One hundred and eight acres of land belonging to the so-called “Administration of Institutions” (Vakoufia) on the coast of Karpasia were granted to the Security Forces Command for 30 years.

A logistics base will be created in the area for the service of the Turkish Navy.

In recent months, a military delegation came to the pseudo-state (TRNC) to determine the location of the base and conducted a study. Eventually, the decision was made and the naval base will be built on the north coast of Karpasia.

Turkey already uses the NATO-built Geçitkale Airport as a base for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in Cyprus.

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The existence of a logistics base in the Mediterranean is very important. In the event of a collision, the repair and maintenance of the ships may be provided by the island of Cyprus. 

Muğla Aksaz is the southernmost maintenance base of the Turkish Navy. It is very important for the Turks to get this capability on the island, while it is possible that Turkey will open a naval base in Libya following the naval base in Cyprus.

A naval base opening in Libya would give Turkey multiple advantages in the Mediterranean.

Source: sabahatinismail

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