Professional Soldiers | Great response from those interested in recruitment in the National Guard
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Published on 09/12/2020 at 09:46

The process of recruiting Professional Soldiers (SYOP) in the ranks of the National Guard has been underway since Monday 07/12 and will continue until the 23rd of this month. 

According to information on our page, the interest is increased since a sufficient number of interested candidates, always in relation to the available number of positions, has submitted an application for recruitment in the National Guard. 

The available positions of Professional Soldiers, which the Ministry of Defence wants to fill, are around 100; however, this number may increase slightly depending on the needs that will arise in the coming days. 

It is noted that SYOP recruitments will be announced every year in order to complete the “ceiling” set by the National Guard General Staff. That is, as many positions as needed will be announced in order to fill the desired number of SYOPs in the ranks of the National Guard.

The vacancies that the Ministry wishes to fill arose either from recent resignations of Professional Soldiers or are positions that remained vacant after the termination and non-renewal of SYOP contracts.

You can see the information and find all the forms related to the announcement of the recruitment of Professional Soldiers in the National Guard at the following link: 

National Guard | Commencement of competition for the recruitment of Professional Soldiers – Information and forms





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