Plasan | Ramps Up Production of Sandcat Tigris Armored Vehicles for IDF
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Published on 07/11/2023 at 16:36

In a remarkable act of support, Israeli Plasan, a shareholder of ELVO 2020 SA, swiftly deployed a fleet of “Sandcat Tigris” armored vehicles to support the Israel Defence Forces (IDF). 

The company responded to the urgent needs of IDF units at the onset of the conflict against Hamas by immediately delivering their entire available stockpile of these armored vehicles, a substantial part of which was provided at no cost, designating it as an “emergency mobilization”. 

This strategic move aimed to expedite deployment and enable these vehicles to actively participate in the initial combat and rescue operations. Many of these vehicles have already played a pivotal role in various operational activities throughout the ongoing conflict.

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Notably, a substantial number of “Sandcat Caracal” vehicles, previously provided to the Israel Police over a decade ago, have also actively participated in the recent hostilities. Simultaneously, alongside the accelerated armored vehicle production for the IDF, Plasan reconfigured its operations to establish an emergency production line for personal protection plates, a critical requirement for the IDF’s immediate needs. 

This production line, previously inactive, was reinstated in a matter of days, producing hundreds of ballistic plates daily. The Plasan development team quickly designed and successfully tested models, ensuring they met all ballistic and operational standards, as approved by the IDF’s ballistic laboratory.

The vehicle was renamed from Caracal to Sandcat to prevent potential confusion with another vehicle offered to the German Bundeswehr by IVECO under the name Caracal. The Sandcat Tigris is a distinguished member of the SandCat vehicle family, which Plasan has been manufacturing for two decades. Over this period, the company has supplied more than 1,000 vehicles to 18 different countries. 

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The SandCat is a composite armored vehicle and was unveiled at AUSA during October 2005. The latest models were showcased for the first time at Eurosatory 2018. The SandCat is based on a commercial Ford F-Series chassis. 

Approximately 700 SandCats have been produced since 2004, and while Plasan has never released complete details, these are known to be in service with at least 16 users across five continents, and in a wide variety of roles ranging from Police/internal security to combat/patrol.

Sandcat’s technical characteristics: 

  • Length: 5.94 meters
  • Width: 2.315 meters 
  • Height: 2.54 meters
  • Crew: up to 10 (depending on variant)
  • Main armament: Remote weapon station (optional)
  • Payload capacity: up to 2,109 kg (depending on variant)
  • Ground clearance: 280 mm 
  • Fuel capacity: 150 litres 
  • Operational range: 500-550 km
  • Maximum speed: 110 km/h 

The Sandcat’s adaptability is reflected in its extensive options list, featuring equipment and fittings that can be tailored to specific mission requirements. 

The list includes additional external protection options, various internal and/or external manual or automatic fire suppression systems, NBC filtration, GPS systems, rifle holders, trailer tow hitches, weapon stations (manual or remote), run-flat inserts, external searchlights, public address systems, sirens, roof-mounted flashing lights, external cameras, non-slip coatings on certain surfaces, 24 V electrical circuits, blackout lighting, bull bars and assault ladders for dismount access to elevated positions.

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