Ministry of Defence | International Seminar on European Security and Geo-Economy
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Published on 02/12/2023 at 09:39

The Security and Defence Academy of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Cyprus has co-organized the International Seminar “European Security and Geo-Economy: European Perspectives between Political Responsibility and Economic Autonomy” in collaboration with the Royal Institute of International Relations EGMONT and the Austrian Defence Academy. The said seminar has been organized under the auspices of the European Security and Defence College. 

The seminar, which took place in Brussels from November 27-30, 2023, was organized for the first time and aimed to analyze and discuss the interdependence between European security and geoeconomy and to understand the term geoeconomy as a characteristic of security and defence policy.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Defence, the seminar addressed ways of leveraging economic means to achieve general strategic interests, particularly among major powers, as well as ways in which the EU can pursue geo-economic policy while remaining true to its values.

The seminar was attended by thirty-one participants from 11 states of the European Union (Cyprus, Austria, Bulgaria, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Malta, Slovakia, Italy, Belgium, Romania and Spain).

Participants who successfully completed the seminar and the online courses of the European Security and Defence College were awarded certificates of attendance signed by the EU High Representative for Foreign Policy, Mr. Josep Borrell.

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