HNDGS | New military uniform for the Hellenic Armed Forces – Photos
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Published on 25/11/2023 at 19:27

The Hellenic National Defence General Staff (HNDGS) announced the adoption of a new military uniform for the Hellenic Armed Forces personnel.

The transition to the new type of uniform will take place gradually, starting with the personnel of the Special Forces and Special Operations Units and will soon be extended to the personnel of the remaining Branches, initially from the Hellenic Army and then to the Hellenic Navy and Air Force.

The new uniform has substantially better quality, with some other modern and innovative features, which overall improve the level of protection, survivability, and comfort of the fighter and contribute to the better execution of missions.

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The new uniform came after long and extensive field tests in a variety of weather conditions and terrains, at sea, and in a snow-covered environment by selected Armed Forces personnel, whose views on the final outcome were of utmost importance.

The new uniform was the execution of a relevant order of the Chief of the HNDGS issued in late 2021 to change the existing military uniform. The said order was issued in the context of the general decision to upgrade fighters’ gear, so soon changes will follow to other wearable materials (accessories, helmets, boots, etc.).

The first quantities have already been received and distributed to the personnel of the Special Forces and Special Operations Units.

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General features of the new uniform:

  • The new uniform includes a military jacket, breeches, and combat shirt.
  • The uniform’s design remains the same but with somewhat “lighter” colors (earthy prevails over green).
  • Flame retardant fabric with the ability to reduce the infrared signature (anti-IR).
  • High level of thermal insulation, durability, waterproofing, and ergonomics.

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The first presentation of the new military uniform will take place on Monday, November 27, during the inauguration of the new building of the Special Warfare Command of the HNDGS.

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