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Published on 29/10/2020 at 18:00

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced that in the context of its energy and environmental policy, on Wednesday, October 29, 2020 it signed an Agreement with the Cyprus Electricity Authority (EAC) for the replacement of lamps in National Guard’s camps with energy-saving LEDs. An eight-year maintenance and management of the old luminaires is included in the agreement.

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The agreement includes the replacement of 6600 energy-saving luminaires with LED luminaires. The first phase of the project begins in November this year and is expected to be completed in September 2021 when 2200 luminaires will have been replaced. Then, during the years 2021-2023, the remaining 4400 luminaires will be replaced.

The replacement of the luminaires, according to the proposal – study of the EAC, is expected to produce an energy benefit and cost savings of around 67%.

The agreement was signed on behalf of the Ministry of Defence by the Director General Mr. Andreas Loukas and on behalf of the EAC the Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Michalis Komodromos (PhD).

It is worth noting that the National Guard (N.G) has been implementing the energy and environmental policy of MoD for years, with the implementation of various measures.

The most important environmental programs/actions developed, promoted and implemented by the Environment Committee of the MoD since 2005 (year of its establishment) include:

  • Completion of the 1st phase of the “Smart Blue Water Camp” Program of the European Defence Agency (EDA) for camp “Maki Giorgalla” in Mathiatis village
  • Environmental awareness programs for the MoD staff and the National Guard’s personnel, utilizing the armed forces as an institution that consolidates and develops environmental awareness of tomorrow’s citizens on the island
  • Monitoring and management of environmental performance of the main activities of the MoD through the implementation of Environmental Management Systems (Eco Management and Audit Scheme-EMAS)
  • Integration of Ecological Sustainable Development during the design stage for new MoD and National Guard infrastructure, but also during the maintenance and renovation of its older facilities
  • Participation of the MoD in the National Action Plan for Green Public Procurement 
  • Implementation of measures to reduce waste in military premises, promoting sustainable energy measures (reduction of overconsumption, environmentally friendly measures) waste prevention
  • Implementation of recycling programs in collaboration with the Department of Environment and Green Dot Cyprus, as well as programs for the management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste
  • Implementation of recycling and reuse of recycled materials in all the National Guard camps
  • Preparation of Environmental Management Study for the operation of the Shooting Range of “Xintous” and “Kalo Chorio”.

In addition, the MoD developed programs of cooperation with organizations, academic institutions, government organizations such as the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Energy, Trade, Industry and Tourism, Frederick University, the Hellenic National Defence Ministry, the Defence Environmental Network (DEFNET), the European Defence Agency (EDA) etc.

Furthermore, it has developed and implemented an Environmental Management System according to the European Regulation EMAS (Eco Management and Audit Scheme) in five (5) N.G camps (T. Markou, M. Georgala, P. Katelari, Papandreou Airforce Base, Florakis Naval base) after the successful implementation of EMAS at the “Lt.Gen Stylianos Kalpourtzis” camp in Delikipo. 

It is noted that the “Stylianos Kalpourtzis” camp was the first camp in Europe to implement an EMAS Environmental Management System and the first to be recognized at a European level as “Best Practice” by the EDA and the European Commission.

With information from: Ministry of Defence

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