March 25th parade celebrated with splendour | Putin, Macron and Prince Charles to attend as guests

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Published on 28/01/2021 at 14:15

The 200th anniversary of the Hellenic palingenesis will be celebrated with splendour but, of course, in line with the circumstances created by the pandemic. Thus, the preparations for the celebrations which will take place on March 25, 2021 are already underway.

According to information from the Greek press, the big military parade on March 25, which is scheduled to take place normally (it was cancelled last year due to the pandemic), is expected to be emblematic this year, in the standards of European celebrations for similar anniversaries.

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For this reason, according to the Greek media, the military parade will be attended by, among others, leaders and personages related to Philhellenism, but also by individuals with timeless ties with Greece such as the French President, Emmanuel Macron, the Russian President, Vladimir Putin as well as Prince Charles of England. The latter have already received relevant invitations from the Greek Prime Minister, as Mr. Mitsotakis revealed in his private meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov last October in Athens.

“The celebrations for the 200th anniversary are not just an opportunity to reminisce about our glorious past and to evaluate our course in history as a whole, but we also have an obligation to define our future, and we must consider our future, as I told you, in the long term and not only in the short term,” said the Prime Minister in a meeting he had with the President of the “Greece 2021″ Committee, Gianna Angelopoulou Daskalaki, yesterday insisting, however, that even though we will celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution differently this year, at least for the first few months, I cannot imagine a better offer to the next generations.”

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