Latsco S.L. | Cooperation with S.A.S and donation of SARISA drones to Fire Service
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Published on 28/11/2021 at 18:30

New equipment, to be used in the fight the Fire Service gives every year with forest fires, has been acquired after the donation of modern extinguishing drones by LATSCO S.L.

The company LATSCO S.L. (Shipping Limited) states in an announcement that, with a sense of social solidarity and being aware of the efforts of the Fire Service personnel so as to deal with the wildfires Greece faced last summer, it decided to provide assistance by donating equipment to the Fire Service.

In the context of this offer, the Fire Service was asked to specify its needs in unmanned means. The equipment requested also included a special need for the supply of SARISA-type unmanned aerial vehicles, each of which includes the MPGS-S3-type aircraft and a ground station, designed and manufactured by the Greek company SAS Technology of the Spirit World Group.

The requested SRS-1C configuration (cargo) is mainly a Cargo Drone, also capable of carrying out a large range of different mission types, such as extinguishing small fires in inaccessible places or extinguishing fires to avoid resurgence.

This special function is being developed by SAS Technology on a pilot basis in collaboration with the Fire Service and SARISA is the first aerial vehicle to incorporate such a function.

The SARISA system was first introduced in DEFEA 2021 and its design has taken into account the operational needs of both the Fire Service and the Armed Forces, which were presented with the said system when it was still in the initial design stages.

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In fulfillment of the above needs of the Fire Service, the company LATSCO S.L. concluded a relevant supply contract with SAS Technology. In this context, Mr. Georgios Margaronis stated: “With a high sense of social responsibility towards the severe effects of climate change experienced by our country, with the unprecedented intensity and extent of forest fires last summer, our company declares its practical support to the state and the Fire Service. We are very happy that some of the state-of-the-art technological systems requested by the Fire Service are designed and manufactured by a Greek company, SAS Technology.”

The President and CEO of SAS Technology and the SPIRIT WORLD GROUP, Mr. Michalis Spyridakos, said: “It is a special honor for us that the unmanned SARISA system, designed and manufactured by our company, was specially selected by the Fire Service personnel, recognizing its special and innovative capabilities. We especially thank the company LATSCO S.L. both for its contribution to society and the smooth completion of the procedures of the relevant contract. We promise to stand worthy of your trust and to deliver on time remarkable systems that will facilitate the work and will increase the capabilities of the Fire Service personnel.”

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