International Defence Industry Exhibition DEFEA in Athens is coming to its final stage 

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Published on 08/06/2021 at 13:52

The organization of the DEFEA International Exhibition to be held next July is progressing rapidly. The participation of 312 industries from 21 countries has already been confirmed, while 67 official military delegations have shown global interest in the Exhibition (Detailed list of exhibitors can be found on the DEFEA website

Under the auspices and with the close cooperation of the Ministry of National Defence and the General Directorate of Defence Investments and Armaments, as well as the Ministry of Merchant Shipping, the DEFEA International Exhibition has the strategic cooperation of the Hellenic Manufacturers of Defence Equipment Association and the support of the Hellenic Aerospace Security & Defence Industries Group.

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DEFEA will take place between July 13-15 and will lay the foundations for our country to rise again to the position it deserves by creating a forum of transnational contacts and international cooperation in the promotion of the achievements of the global defence industry, technical information and the development of a favorable environment for the discussion of partnerships between companies and factories.

The key position of Greece as one of the oldest members of the EU and NATO, in addition to the fact that the country regularly invests in national defence, creates the conditions for strategic cooperation that transcends the boundaries of the economy and industry. For this reason, Ministers, Chiefs of General Staff and officials in charge of their countries’ armaments have been invited and are expected to visit the Exhibition. Conference and other events planned will give high-ranking guests the opportunity to inform each other and exchange views and suggestions on important defence issues.

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The fact that the first DEFEA International Exhibition is taking place at a time when Greece has resumed its armaments efforts after prolonged inaction imposed by the economic crisis of the last decade is considered particularly important. This is expected to lead to the maximization of the certain national benefits deriving from its organization.

Finally, it is emphasized that DEFEA will take place at the Metropolitan Exhibition Center at Athens Eleftherios Venizelos Airport. A special open space will be available for the presentation of aircraft, while there will be many more possibilities for the display of exhibits.

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