Intermat Group SA | Presentation of technological solutions with “stealth” features at the International Defence Exhibition IDEX 2023
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Published on 12/03/2023 at 14:18

At the International Defence Exhibition IDEX 2023 and among the Greek participants at the Abu Dhabi Exhibition Centre, a Greek company presented to the audience how the operational lessons learned from the Armed Forces in current conflicts can be addressed by made-in-Hellas technologies.

Speaking to the radio station of APA MPA “104.9 FM”, Mr. Kosmas Prassas, General Manager of Intermat Group SA, presented to the foreign military delegations the specific technological solutions that have been developed by the Greek Research and Technology departments. Mr. Prassas also explained that initially there is mistrust and suspicion, but Greeks are always pioneers in many technologies, and perhaps the “system” is that which does not allow these efforts to bear fruit.

Yet the technological background and ability of Greek scientists and entrepreneurs, he added, is no less than their colleagues, so they can identify needs and grow in areas considered high-tech.

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Mr. Prassas continued by saying that the technology in question has now become necessary because thermal sensors as well as target detection and targeting systems are now widely used on the modern battlefield. By using their technology and their products, the means and systems become “invisible” to the enemy and are protected to the maximum extent possible, Mr. Prassas explained.

In fact, he added that the Greek solutions with stealth features in the vehicles and critical systems of a country are not a new activity, but today it is a sought-after technology for defenders at war.

This company is active in the field of research and production of special anti-thermal and stealth technology color coatings for the purpose of coating targets, such as armored vehicles and ships, so that they become “invisible” to the enemy’s “eyes” which use thermal sensors.

These are sensors integrated in drones, in anti-tank weapon systems as well as in targeting systems, and, as Mr. Prassas explained regarding the specific Greek technology, the company has been working for 25 years with a clientele from all over the world.

In particular, he stated that this is a mature technology, not a start-up (technological solution). He also emphasized that they have developed partnerships in the past and have ongoing projects with a total of 15 countries during their long-term activity in this field.

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In particular, the technological solution that Intermat Group SA presented at IDEX 2023 is, as Mr. Prassas described it, a series of special anti-disclosure stickers, known as “cameleon skins” or “stealth wrap film”. It is a film that is already painted and the user can stick it on any system he wants to make instantly invisible to the enemy.

Also, company’s officials presented to the Armed Forces of different countries special personnel uniforms that aim to prevent the fighter from being detected by the enemy’s systems and binoculars, while Mr. Prassas emphasized that these systems are 100% Made in Greece, with raw materials coming of course from all over the world. Thus, the production is 100% of their own company.

Mr. Prassas referred to what is currently witnessed in northern Europe and in the war in Ukraine, or earlier in Armenia, in the Middle East, or in Africa. Based on this, the widespread use of airborne sensors becomes evident. These sensors are capable of detecting targets due to their so-called heat signature, as a result of which they can be targeted and destroyed immediately.

Therefore, the interest is great because after existing experiences on the battlefield, the importance of limiting the trace of a target has currently been accepted by all users of weapon systems around the world, concluded the General Manager of the Greek company.

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