Hellenic Tank Challenge 2020 | Leopard vs Abrams – Photos

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Published on 18/09/2020 at 18:53

The final phase of the Hellenic Tank Challenge 2020 took place today Friday, September 18, in the firing range of Petrochori in Xanthi.

That was the 3rd competition of its kind in Greece lasting between September 14-18, 2020. For the first time a platoon of M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) of the US 3rd Battalion of the 15th Infantry Regiment took part in the competition. From the Greek side the participants were two LEO2A4 and two LEO2A6 HEL MBTs platoons. 

Members of the Charlie Company with Greek soldiers Credits: CPL Aaron Dollar

According to an announcement by the Retired Army Officers Association (EAAS) of the Xanthi branch, the competition included firing from both stationary positions and while on-the-move, precision driving, water barrier crossing, tanks recovery, caterpillar repair, loading of ammunition into the tank, pistol firing and grenade throwing from the tank, combat first aid and military sport games.

In addition, the crews competed in tactics and formations of platoons during attack and defence, request for support fire, reconnaissance, distance measurement with or without the tank’s range finder, etc.

Exercise in firing range in Petrochori. Photo by EAAS Xanthi

The winning team was the platoon of XXI Armor Brigade, while the second place was taken by the US platoon. The third place was awarded to the platoon of the XXV Armor Brigade while the fourth and fifth places were awarded to the platoons of the XXIII Armor Brigade and the 31st Mechanized Brigade respectively.

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The Commander of the 1st Army Lieutenant General  (Lt. Gen) Vassilios Papadopoulos as well as the Commander of the Delta Corps Lt Gen. Angelos Ilaridis were present at the final phase of the Tank Challenge.  Alongside with the Generals the Commanders of the participating Brigades as well as the US Military Attache Colonel Reed Anderson were present. The final phase was also attended by other honorary guests including the president of the EAAS (Xanthi branch) Major General (Ret) Ioannis Koutsaimani.

See the photos posted by EAAS Xanthi branch and the 3rd Battalion of the 15th Infantry Regiment on social media: 

Photo: EAAS Xanthi

Photo: EAAS Xanthi

Photo: CPL Aaron Dollar

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