Fire in Penteli | 485 firefighters, 120 vehicles and “Deucalion” teams fighting on the fire fronts
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Published on 20/07/2022 at 14:25

The extensive fire that broke out in Penteli on Tuesday afternoon (19/07) is raging with the fire service trying to extinguish it. 

On Tuesday evening, an emergency briefing was held by the Operations Center of the Fire Service where it was emphasized that the forces of the Fire Service and Civil Protection are constantly being strengthened.

According to what was reported by the Fire Service spokesman, 485 firefighters, 28 dismounted units and 120 vehicles have now joined the battle against the flames. Romanian firefighters are also operating in the field.

The ‘Olympus’ mobile operations center has been coordinating the forces, while the extent of the fire is continuously available through the drones deployed by the Fire Service. In terms of aerial firefighting, 5 aircraft and 4 helicopters are already operating, one of which is for aerial coordination, while another 4 aircraft and 3 helicopters have been mobilized, the Fire Service spokesman emphasized.

The Hellenic National Defence General Staff has deployed two “Deucalion” teams from the 2nd Paratroopers Squadron and the 575th Marine Battalion as well as two-wheeled loaders. In addition, 6 teams consisting of a total of 61 personnel are on immediate alert, while there are 13 machines with their support personnel available at the 725th Engineer Battalion. 

Also, 28 buses with 50 seats are available along with 20 mini-buses with 6 to 14 seats for assistance, if required, for the evacuation of residents. Furthermore, 90 officers from the Hellenic Army General Staff, 30 from the Hellenic Navy General Staff, and another 30 from the Hellenic Air Force General Staff are on alert for two hours.

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At the same time, at the request of the Fire Service, the Hellenic Armed Forces are proceeding with 7 additional patrols in Parnitha (two by the Special Warfare Command and two by the Hellenic Air Force General Staff) and Ymittos (two from the Hellenic Army General Staff and one from the Hellenic Navy General Staff).

At the same time, the Region of Attica has made water-dropping aircraft and construction machinery available, while the forces operating with volunteers of the Fire Service and the volunteer groups of the Civil Protection remain strong.

In parallel, the Hellenic Police has deployed forces in the wider area, namely 626 police officers with 232 vehicles, with the aim to provide safe passage through the streets for residents and protection of houses.

So far, according to what was reported by the Fire Service spokesman, the Operations Center of the Emergency Response Center has not received any calls regarding any injuries or respiratory problems due to the fire. The on-call hospitals of Attica have been put on alert as a precaution.

“At the crisis management center, the Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, Christos Stylianidis, and all the leadership of the Ministry are constantly in communication with the Ministries of Health, Interior, and Citizen Protection. There is constant information regarding the development of the fire, so that decisions can be made immediately to provide all the necessary assistance,” concluded the spokesman of the Fire Service.

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