“Far West” scenes in Limassol | Gangster heist
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Published on 29/02/2024 at 16:19

The customers of a restaurant, who had been invited to a party, fell victim to a “cinematic” robbery last Wednesday night in Limassol, Cyprus, when four unknown men wearing hoods entered the store, threatened them with weapons, tied them up and stole thousands of euros.

In particular, the incident, reminiscent of “Far West” scenes, occurred around 9:30 p.m. and while 30 people were having fun in a place in the area of ​​Agios Georgios in Alamanos, 4 people in hoods burst in, carrying pistols and short-barreled weapons.

They then allegedly forced the guests to lie on the ground, tied their hands, and fired several shots in the air in an attempt to terrify them.

According to information, the robbers grabbed mobile phones, watches, car keys, and wallets, worth about 20,000 euros, from the party guests and fled. Those who resisted were attacked by the perpetrators, resulting in two people being injured. The injured are being treated in hospital.

In the morning, members of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Police Headquarters and the Limassol Criminal Investigation Department carried out forensic examinations and field investigations, the focus of which was to find CCTV footage.

From the testimonies and statements obtained by members of the Limassol Criminal Investigation Department, the perpetrators are allegedly Russians.

The case is investigated by the Limassol Criminal Investigation Department which is evaluating testimonies and evidence, while instructions and guidelines are given to the investigation team, which was established by an officer and members of Limassol CID, with the aim of solving the case.

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