Doros Elia | The EOKA guerilla, the Kokkinoskoufides Commander, the Freedom Fighter – Photos
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Published on 30/06/2021 at 17:30

“A city surrounded by men and not bricks cannot be considered unwalled”  – Lykourgos 

The death of Doros Elia, the heroic leader of the legendary “Kokkinoskoufides” of Pentadaktylos on Saturday, June 26, finds Cyprus sailing on dangerous paths and the society itself in search of identity. 

Doros Elias together with Archbishop Makarios in the mountains of Pentadaktylos

Being a guerilla of EOKA 1955-59, the Commander of the legendary Kokkinoskoufides of Lyssaridis’ Squadron in the battles of Nicosia and Pentadaktylos during the Turkish insurgency, Doros Elia’s contribution to his homeland and to the defence of the Republic was tremendous.

According to an interview he gave, when he and his team were asked to undertake a dangerous operation with the likelihood of many casualties, he accepted the proposal without any second thoughts, asking only “when was the time to do so”.  

It was, of course, the operation for the liberation of Pentadaktylos by the Turkish and Turkish Cypriot insurgents, on April 24, 1964. Doros Elia had at his disposal four squads (160 men) who, upon hearing the slogan “AERA” while attacking the front, entered the villages of Karmi and Fteriha at the same time and recaptured the five targets set in the operational plan with a surprise attack. By April 25, Turkish Cypriot armed insurgents had abandoned their weapons and ammunition and fled. Doros Elia himself claimed that the whole operation lasted only eight (8) hours. 

Footage from the operations in Pentadaktylos. Doros Elia is depicted in several scenes 

“When the soldiers came up (i.e. in Pentadaktylos), they said that this operation should last a month, with the help of artillery,” said Doros Elia. 

The message I want to send to young people is to love their homeland, because they themselves will rule Cyprus at some point, so they should aim in moving our place forward.”

The heroic action of Doros Elia paved the way to freedom and will keep his memory alive forever. 

The team of Defence Redefined expresses its sincere condolences to the family of the deceased. May his memory live forever. 

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