Australia | Intense searches for radioactive capsule – Risk of contamination
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Published on 28/01/2023 at 19:30

Australian authorities issued an alert on Friday about the danger of radioactive material in several areas including Perth caused by a radioactive capsule that went missing.

In particular, parts of Western Australia have been put on alert, after authorities announced that a radioactive capsule used in mining operations had gone missing while transported to the state capital, Perth.

The capsule was lost, while it was transported by truck from a mine to storage facilities in Perth, the state’s health service said. Newman is located approximately 1,200 kilometers north-east of Perth.

It contains the radioactive substance Caesium-137, according to Western Australia’s health department, and is believed to have fallen from a truck when it was transported to storage facilities. The health authorities have warned against any contact with the capsule as it could cause burns or illness.

The truck left on January 12, but it was not realized the capsule was missing until this week, when emergency services were notified, authorities said.

A fire service spokesman said searches for the capsule were being prioritized in residential areas, but noted these could take weeks.

Authorities were alerted to its disappearance on Wednesday when the company responsible for the capsule realized it was missing, he added.

Source: CNN Greece

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