USA – Cyprus cooperation | The National Guard enters the SPP program
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Published on 27/03/2023 at 12:51

The inclusion of the Republic of Cyprus in the State Partnership Program (SPP) with the National Guard of New Jersey of the United States, where the Philhellenic Democratic Senator Robert Menendez, President of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the American Senate, is elected, will be signed in the next few hours.

This was announced by the Minister of Defence, Michalis Georgallas, who explained that, in the context of this cooperation, Cyprus will draw experience and know-how, even information on technologically upgraded weapon systems.

Mr. Georgallas mentioned that, on March 30, Nicosia will welcome a large delegation from New Jersey, while a visit from Cyprus to this State will follow.

The Minister of Defence stated that the 3+1 scheme, of Greece, Israel, Cyprus plus the United States, is now structured cooperation, which is constantly being implemented with new objects added beyond exercises or trainings.

Talking about the consultations he had in Athens with the Minister of National Defence and the Chief of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff, he announced that a joint body will be established between the two countries competent for consultation and coordination on defence matters.

Officials of the two Ministries, Mr. Georgallas pointed out, will hold their first meeting in Cyprus in the coming days. They will draw up the agenda with the common topics of interest, which will be discussed at the Ministerial level.

The Minister of Defence stated that in the context of the agreement he signed in Athens, Cyprus joins the agreement of 17 countries, for procurement of military material through joint supplies.

Michalis Georgallas described the upgraded relationship between Cyprus and Greece with the United States as a very important development.


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