UNFICYP | Αttack on UN patrol vehicle in buffer zone
Defence Redefined
Published on 23/05/2022 at 15:43

The United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) condemns an attack by unidentified perpetrators against a UN patrol vehicle in the evening of Saturday, May 21. 

The incident took place around 22:00 in the dead zone (also known as buffer zone), about three kilometers east of the village of Geri. 

Specifically, a patrol vehicle of UNFICYP was damaged by unknown perpetrators during an ordered patrol. Fortunately, the perpetrators fled without injuring any members of the peacekeeping force. 

DEFENCE ReDEFiNED has contacted the Cyprus Police to confirm this information, according to which the vehicle came under shotgun fire or fire of a different weapon. The information was neither confirmed nor refuted by the Police. Subsequently, in our communication with the UNFICYP press office, no information about the shootings was confirmed or denied, as UNFICYP reports that an investigation is being carried out by the Police. It only confirms that the people involved came from the free zones, without any reference to their nationality or number.

UNFICYP states that deliberate attacks on peacekeepers constitute a serious crime under international law. UNFICYP welcomes the thorough investigation carried out by the local authorities and calls on them to bring the perpetrators to justice immediately. 

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