Ukraine | Ceasefire violated – Whoever imposes a no-fly zone is rendered an enemy
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Published on 06/03/2022 at 10:00

The ceasefire in Ukraine lasted a few hours, with both sides launching accusations against each other for not opening humanitarian corridors. 

Kyiv accuses Moscow of bombing incessantly since this morning when civilians should have been able to leave the war zones.

“At 11:45, Russia began bombing Volnovaka with heavy weapons. As you know, as of 9:00 in the morning we had a preliminary agreement for the creation of two humanitarian corridors in Volnovaka and Mariupol. I confirm the fact that Russia violated the agreement we had with the help of the Red Cross, did not respect it, and bombed Volnovaka,” said Irina Verestsuk, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine.

For their part, the Russians claim that Ukrainian forces were the ones who did not allow the civilians to leave, in order to use them as human shields. However, the third round of talks is expected to take place on Monday, according to sources from Ukraine.

Late Saturday afternoon, bombings resumed near Kyiv. According to information from Ukrainian citizens, the Russian Army appeared in the urban area of Irpin, about 20 kilometers outside the Ukrainian capital.

Moscow will oppose any attempt to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned on Saturday, adding that “everything is going according to plan in Ukraine and that the Russian Army will fulfill its goals in the framework of the ‘special military operation’.”

Putin also said he had no plans to declare martial law in Russia. This step would only be taken in “cases of external attack, in certain areas of military activity. But we currently do not witness such a situation and I hope we will not witness one,” he commented.


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