Turkey – Syria | The death toll from the earthquake exceeds 40,000
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Published on 15/02/2023 at 09:36

Against all odds, alive people are still rescued from the rubble in Turkey and Syria.

The death toll in both countries exceeds 40,000. According to a provisional count, the UN expects this number to even double. However, desperate rescues continue long after the critical 72-hour post-earthquake period.

Τhe provision of assistance to the survivors is an equally daunting challenge, with millions left homeless. Hospitals are still being packed with injured people.

According to Turkish authorities, around 80,000 people are in hospitals, putting enormous pressure on the health system, which has also been hit by the disaster. The World Health Organisation has appealed to raise 43 million dollars to support those affected by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, according to its director in Europe, Hans Kluge.

Another urgent priority arises as more and more bodies are rescued from the wreckage. In Turkey and Syria, cemeteries are struggling to cope with the large number of funerals.

The bodies of many who remain trapped have not been found, raising concerns about the spread of diseases.

Source: Euronews

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