Turkey | Photos of “neutralization” scene of Islamic State leader
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Published on 02/05/2023 at 09:22

Photos depicting the location of the alleged leader of the jihadist group Islamic State (ISIS), killed on Saturday (29/4) in Syria, have seen the light of day. The said leader was killed during an operation carried out by the intelligence agency (MIT) of Turkey.

It is noted that these photos were captured by the Turkish news agency Anadolu.

During an interview he gave on Sunday (30/4) to the state broadcaster TRT Türk,  Recep Tayyip Erdogan clarified that the Turkish spy agency had been monitoring the IS leader for a long time, however, he refrained from going into more details about the operation.

It should be noted that, according to a correspondent of the French news agency in northern Syria, the Turkish intelligence service and a local armed organization supported by Ankara blocked on Saturday (29/4) an area north of the community of Djadairis, in the Afrin region (northwest), about ten kilometers from the Syrian-Turkish border.

Residents of the area who were interviewed said that an operation was carried out targeting an abandoned farm where an Islamic seminary used to operate.

Turkey has deployed troops in various areas of northern Syria since 2020, while controlling large areas through Syrian proxies of the Turkish military, organizations that have been involved in the war against Bashar al-Assad’s regime since 2011.

Despite the repeated military defeats it suffered from being attacked everywhere and the loss of the territories it held in Syria and Iraq, ISIS continues to carry out deadly attacks.

At least 41 people, including 24 civilians, were killed on April 16 in Syria in two attacks attributed to the jihadist group, targeting truffle pickers and livestock farmers.

ISIS had claimed responsibility for the series of deadly attacks in Europe when it had reached the peak of its power, when its “caliphate” was extending into vast areas of Syria and Iraq.

Source: CNN Greece

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