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Published on 27/06/2020 at 16:00

A new unmanned combat vehicle was recently introduced by the Estonian robot company Milrem. The X-type robotic vehicle (RCV) is an armed, unmanned mini-armor that operates both independently and in conjunction with other unmanned vehicles.

The X vehicle is based on Milrem’s experience in robotic combat vehicles, including the multi-purpose THeMIS vehicle. Unlike THeMIS, type X looks like a main battle tank.

The following video shows THeMIS in action, firing with a 0.50 “caliber machine gun to support the advanced infantry.

The type-X tank is 6 meters long and 2 meters high. It weighs just 12 tons, making it light enough to be carried by aircraft such as the C-130J Hercules or transported by CH-47 Chinook helicopter. The Type X features a hybrid diesel electric motor and built-in batteries that allow for 1 hour of silent movement or 24 hours of silent monitoring. The vehicle also uses rubber instead of metal parts for quieter operation. According to Milrem Robotics, it has a top speed of almost 80 kilometers per hour and can travel an average of 598 kilometers.

It can be equipped with a Northrop Grumman 25 mm M242 gun, or a Nexter 25 mm 25 M 811 or even the Rheinmetall Air Defense system 25 mm KBA system.

In addition, it can be equipped with larger caliber guns such as the Grumman Innovation Systems 30 mm M230 LF. Other alternatives of larger caliber are the Russian 30 mm 2A72 gun or the Ukrainian 30 mm ZTM-1. The supply of ammunition depends on the type of weapon, but it is usually up to 150 projectiles ready to use.

The new vehicle is equipped with an armored Cockerill (CPWS II) armament station capable of carrying the aforementioned firearms. The turret also includes 360 degree thermal imager for remote viewing. Alternatively, it could carry a load of anti-tank missiles such as the Spanish Alcotan, the French MMP, the American Javelin and the Israeli Spike.

Milrem is promoting the armored X as an escort vehicle, capable of protecting supply vehicle convoys by providing firepower to repel attacks. This is largely due to the experience of the US military in Iraq and NATO forces in Afghanistan, where they have encountered ambushes with anti-tank weapons.

Milrem has also released Intelligent Functions, which it claims can “turn any vehicle into a self-propelled or remote-controlled vehicle.”

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