Tayyip Erdogan arrives in the occupied areas
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Published on 19/07/2021 at 16:08

Shortly after 15.00, the presidential plane arrived at the illegal airport of Tympou in the occupied areas. There the Turkish president was welcomed by a military procession, the Turkish-Cypriot leader along with the pseudo-state leadership.

Mr. Erdogan has been accompanied by his wife Emine. They were both welcomed by Ersin Tatar and his wife, Simbel.

Dozens of escort cars and buses transported the Turkish President and his entourage to occupied Nicosia. The traditional Turkish-Cypriot song “My Cyprus” could be heard from the speakers of ​​the illegal airport. Tayyip Erdogan himself boarded one of the buses which stopped outside the airport, where crowds of people holding Turkish and pseudo-state flags were waiting to greet him.

Large posters of the Turkish President and the Turkish-Cypriot leader have been placed in the building of the Turkish “embassy” in occupied Nicosia, opposite the “parliament” where Tayyip Erdogan will give a speech.

The “ruling” Renaissance Party set up a tent next to the “parliament” and at its entrance a huge photo of the party president, Erhan Arikli, with Tayyip Erdogan has been placed.

Strict security measures are in place throughout occupied Nicosia with “special security forces” and “police officers”.

Together with the Turkish President, the President of the Turkish National Assembly, the Minister of Youth and Sports, the President of the Nationalist Action Party, the President of the Grand Unity Party, the President of the Democratic Left Party, all 3 Vice Presidents of the Justice and Development Party, the Chief of the Turkish Army General Staff, the Chiefs of the Ground, Air and Naval Forces as well as many MPs and others arrived in the occupied areas.

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