New recruits’ vaccination | Here is the plan of the Ministry of Defence (MoD) – What applies to sports tests 

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Published on 28/05/2021 at 10:32

The problem that arose regarding the vaccinations of the new recruits who will take part in sports tests, either as Reserve Officers candidates (YEA) or Special Forces candidates (i.e. Special Forces, Underwater Demolition Team, Military Police), has been resolved. The problem occurred as the second vaccination dose could have coincided with the sports test dates. 

Specifically, a number of parents and recruits contacted our site to clarify this matter, so that there is no discrimination. In other words, having to get the second vaccination dose on sports test day, the conscripts’ performance may be affected.  

Our page contacted the Ministry of Defence, which quickly resolved the issue. Specifically, the plan of the MoD regarding the vaccination of new recruits is in consultation with the Ministry of Health, the Directorate of Recruitment and the Directorate of Health of the National Guard General Staff, after the Ministry of Health had decided to give priority to those soldiers who wish to get the Pfizer vaccine.

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Then, the Directorate of Recruitment, receiving the data of those who have registered on the platform (until May 31), will send a letter from the Ministry of Health to the recruits’ personal email address, informing them of the availability of Pfizer vaccines so that they can be vaccinated. Then, together with a declaration and the parents’ consent, the new recruits will respond as to whether or not they wish to be vaccinated. 

This process should be completed by June 5th. That is, new recruits wishing to be vaccinated should send the above documents to the e-mail address of the Ministry of Health. 

The Ministry of Health will then proceed with the arrangement of the recruits’ appointments and will inform them about the day they will be vaccinated. Regarding the sport tests, the Ministry of Defence has given instructions to the Ministry of Health on the dates that the sport tests will be carried out, so that no vaccinations are arranged on those days. 

We remind you that the platform for submitting the details and certificates of the conscripts of 2021 Class will be automatically deactivated and will not be accessible after the end of May. New recruits are encouraged to complete the process so as to be credited with 10 points. 

In addition, in a statement, the MoD clarified that those conscripts who do not submit their details on the platform, their choices will not be taken into account during the electronic selection process and will be placed in Units based solely on service needs of the National Guard. 

In addition, they will not be able to express interest in the process for selecting Reserve Officers or the Special Forces (Special Forces, Underwater Demolition Team, Military Police).

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