Minister of Defence calls on the conscripts of 2021 Class to submit their details electronically

Defence Redefined
Published on 10/05/2021 at 16:40

The Minister of Defence, Charalambos Petridis, invited the conscripts of 2021 Class to submit their details electronically, within the predetermined deadline, through the classification platform which was activated last Friday.

Mr. Petridis said that “already, from the first days, the response is great and I congratulate the young hoplites on their interest.”

“This is an innovation we started using last year and it has radically changed the classification process, in order to avoid the new recruits’ inconvenience in the Training Centres (KEN),” he added.

He said additional arrangements have been made this year to further improve the process.

“Now the conscripts have the ability to submit quickly, safely and without the need for physical presence, all the required certificates based on which the scoring, the arms/corps selection as well as their placement in Units will be done”, he added.

Regarding his visit to the Conscripts’ Classification Support Center today, the MInister of Defence (MoD) said that “conscripts and parents or guardians may contact the centre in case they need any assistance in the submission of the electronic classification application.”

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