NATO | Six countries of the Alliance to build drone wall on border with Russia
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Published on 26/05/2024 at 14:59

It has been agreed that a wall of drones be built by the six NATO member states neighboring Russia to defend their borders from provocations, the Lithuanian government announced on Friday.

In particular, a drone wall is expected to stretch from Norway to Poland. The aim is to use drones and other technologies to protect their borders, Lithuanian Interior Minister, Agne Bilotaite, told the Baltic News Service (BNS) news agency.

The Lithuanian official made the statement at the end of talks she had with her counterparts from the other Baltic states, Estonia and Latvia as well as Finland, Norway and Poland.

It will not only be physical infrastructure, surveillance systems, but also unmanned aerial vehicles and other technologies that will make it possible to protect against the challenges of hostile countries and prevent smuggling, she added.

In addition to deploying drones to monitor borders, these countries will reportedly use systems to intercept enemy drones.

Bilotaite did not give a timeline for the project, which was approved amid ongoing security concerns in the region as Russia’s war in Ukraine rages.

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