Ministry of Defence Press Conference | Two new platforms for the submission of conscripts’ details and Professional Soldiers’ recruitment applications
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Published on 29/01/2022 at 13:01

According to the announcement of Defence Minister, Charalambos Petridis, at today’s press conference, two new electronic platforms are now running for the submission of conscripts’ details, who have completed their 16th year of age, and the recruitment applications of Professional Soldiers (SYOP).

According to the Minister’s statements, the new platform of the Ministry for the submission of 16-year-olds’ details will run as of next Tuesday, February 1, giving the opportunity to those who have completed their 16th year of age to easily submit their details within two months. The Minister added that, according to the relevant legislation, this is a procedure mandatory for those who reach their 16th year of age, emphasizing that even if someone does not submit their details on the platform they will still be notified for their military service.

Regarding the second platform, Mr. Petridis stated that it concerns the full digitization of the submission of Professional Soldiers’ recruitment applications, adding that the interested parties will submit their applications electronically using their computer, simplifying as much as possible the expression of interest to be recruited as Professional Soldiers in the National Guard.

In his statements, the Minister of Defence described the technological upgrade as “the only way to go” and stated that, in the context of the modernization of the Ministry’s daily operation, the provision of electronic services to the general public and the digital reorganization of the Ministry are underway, as shown in the electronic enlistment process, the location of reserves and the provision of services to citizens by Citizen Service Centers.

He also referred to examples of digitized services, such as the two-year electronic process of submitting data for the enlistment of recruits and the development of the electronic interconnection of the Ministry of Defence and the Cyprus Police, which, according to the Minister, has been recently implemented in ports, at airports and crossing points. “In the first two days, 119 individual invitation sheets were delivered, a very satisfactory number,” he added.

Closing, Mr. Petridis thanked the Ministry of Defence personnel and the Deputy Ministry of Innovation, Research, and Digital Policy for their cooperation in achieving these goals.

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