Minister of Defence | New relationship between Cyprus – USA
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Published on 19/07/2020 at 11:13

The bilateral relations between Cyprus-USA are moving in a new direction, said today the Minister of Defence Charalambos Petridis. The minister also stated that details for the cooperation in the field of training will be announced next year.

After the end of the memorial service for the victims of the Turkish invasion of July 20, 1974, which took place today at the Cathedral of St. Theodore in Paphos, mr. Petridis was asked about how the cooperation between Cyprus – USA under the IMET program is progressing. On July 8 during a telephone conversation with the US Ambassador to Cyprus, the minister was informed about the provision of military training and education to National Guard personnel as of 2021, in the context of the recent enactment and implementation of the EAST – MED ACT law.

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In his statements, Mr. Petridis said “as we have mentioned, this is an issue that will be approved by the Congress and we will give details about the potential cooperation – training, possibly next year.”

Asked whether this cooperation also concerns the purchase of weapon systems, the Minister of Defence stated that at this stage they do not have any specific proposal.

He pointed out that defence issues are sensitive and we should be careful with our statements.

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Regarding the relations between Cyprus – USA and how they are characterized, Mr. Petridis said “I think they are moving in a new direction and we will inform you when there are developments.”

Source: CNA

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