MILIPOL 2021 | CERBAIR “Chimera” – The drones’ nightmare

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Published on 25/10/2021 at 17:42

Among the systems showcased at this year’s MILIPOL 2021 security systems exhibition, which took place in Paris between October 19-22, was the portable anti-drone system “CHIMERA”, of the French CERBAIR. 

“Chimera” 100 named after the monster of Greek mythology, is a complete portable counter Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) solution designed to detect, identify, track and neutralize drones. This new kit consists of three connected main elements: 

  • Backpack and vest with a detection module
  • A Command and control tablet
  • An electromagnetic effector

The kit is unique in that it allows for a single operator in the field to detect and neutralize enemy drones, thanks to its new compact design that is not only more feature-packed but also 10% lighter than previous models, while it is dual-use as it can be used for both military and civilian purposes.

How “Chimera” works

Drone detection is processed by omnidirectional analysis of the radio frequency spectrum, a method used to scan the wireless communications exchanged by any drone and its remote controller. Once the alert has been given (both visual and audio), the azimuthal location of the enemy drone and its pilot are tracked by Chimera using an accurate directional antenna.

If the drone is classified as hostile, neutralization may be activated by sending an electromagnetic pulse to it.

Its technical characteristics include:

  • Passive RF detection of drone and remote control
  • Embedded jamming technology to neutralize drones
  • Man-portable format powered by batteries
  • Evolutive and interoperable platform
  • Possible wireless integration into larger C2
  • Coverage: 360° with manpack omnidirectional antenna
  • Accuracy: direction-finding on drone and pilot
  • Average detection range: 1km
  • Neutralization of remotely and GNSS piloted drones via BVLOS directional jamming
  • Smart mode: selection of RF ranges to be jammed

In addition to these, the kit may be accompanied by a long-endurance battery, a tactical vest, a multi-battery charger, and an earpiece and maintenance cable.

Photos: © Cerbair

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