Major NATO exercise “DEFENDER EUROPE 2021” kicks off – Armenia among the participants – VIDEO
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Published on 16/03/2021 at 11:48

Major NATO exercise “DEFENDER EUROPE 2021” has started and will run until June 2021.

DEFENDER EUROPE 2021 is an annual, multinational, joint exercise coordinated by the US Army in Europe and Africa so as to build strategic and operational readiness and interoperability between the US, NATO and their allies.

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This year’s exercise involves more NATO allies and partners operating in a region wider than planned in 2020.

More than 30,000 troops from 27 nations will conduct almost simultaneous operations across more than 30 training areas in twelve countries.

“While we are closely monitoring the COVID situation, we’ve proven we have the capability to train safely despite the pandemic. No matter what, our nations count on our forces being ready to defend peace,” said General Christopher Cavoli, Commander of the US Army in Africa. “Exercise ‘DEFENDER EUROPE 2021’ provides us with the best opportunity to enhance our capabilities, together with our allies and partners, in the strategically important region of the Balkans and the Black Sea, so that collectively, we are ready to respond to any crisis.”

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There will be a much more significant presence from the US Air Force and Navy in this year’s exercise. 

Exercise “DEFENDER EUROPE 2021” includes many joint exercises, as follows:

  • Swift Response (early to mid-May) – will include airborne operations in Estonia, Bulgaria and Romania with the participation of more than 7,000 troops from 11 countries.
  • Immediate Response (mid-May to early June) – more than 5,000 troops from 8 countries will be deployed in 31 training areas in 12 different countries running live fire training. There will also be a joint over-the-shore logistics operation.
  • Saber Guardian (mid-May to early June) – more than 13,000 service members from 19 countries will execute live fire as well as air and missile defence and large-scale medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) operations.
  • Command Post Exercise (June) – around 2,000 troops will be able to exercise the headquarters’ ability to command multinational ground forces in a joint and combined training environment, all while running real operations in 104 countries on two continents.

What raises questions about the exercise “DEFENDER EUROPE 2021” is the participation of Armenia since, as you will see in the official infographic from the press release issued by the US Army in Europe and Africa, the Armenian flag flutters proudly on the right. 

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