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Published on 30/09/2023 at 17:30

Nexter, a member of the KNDS group (KMW+NEXTER Defense Systems), announced the arrival of the new tactical UGV PHOBOS.

The UGV PHOBOS was initially developed by Sera Ingénierie (Sogeclair), whose partnership with Nexter shall open new horizons in the field of Robotics and offer “Robotization Kits”, such as Next’Fire® secured communication link, 20 mm machine gun firepower, logistics support, and road opening kits. 

Hence, Nexter will reinforce its offer of highly reliable and ruggedized tactical UGVs along with high mobility capabilities.

Earlier this year, through its subsidiary Sera Ingénierie, KNDS Nexter and Sogeclair had signed a partnership agreement to jointly develop ground unmanned systems for the French Army. Nexter contributed its capabilities in architecture, system integration, and robotic systems, while SERA Ingénierie contributed its expertise in the fields of mechanical design and the production of defence and security platforms. 

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PHOBOS is designed around three strategic axes, that is, mobility, autonomy, and modular architecture. The carrier in question weighs less than two tons and can carry a one-ton payload of any type of mission kits (tools, sensors, effectors). 

Its four independent wheels with reinforced suspension allow it to easily follow the tracks of armored vehicles on any type of terrain at high speed. 

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In addition, its engine and its large fuel tank ensure the electrical and hydraulic supply of all embedded equipment. In fact, PHOBOS is also available in a hybrid or electric version suitable for a wide variety of missions.

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