Kalashnikov AK-12 | The characteristics of the refined version
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Published on 29/08/2020 at 15:00

A refined version of the AK-12, the successor of the legendary AK-74M rifle, was showcased by Kalashnikov in the International Military-Technical Forum ARMY-2020 held between 23-29 August. 

According to the company, some changes have been made in order to improve the ergonomics of the weapon and increase the comfortability of its technical maintenance.

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“The new version of assault rifles AK-12 will be introduced to the military forces in the near future. The improvement of any new sample of small arms is a continuous process for any manufacturer and generally takes years. Our enterprise will continue to pay acute attention to the expectations of ordering agencies,” pointed out the company’s General Director Dmitry Tarasov in the interview with the RIA Novosti news Agency.

The new version of the AK-12 has a caliber of 5.45 x 39 mm, a barrel length of 415 mm and a weight of 3,35 kg, like the standard AK-12. 

The promising Kalashnikov AK-12 assault rifle can be the main weapon of infantry teams and other units of the Armed Forces.

The rifle also features an adjustable buttstock, which is both foldable and expandable. According to the manufacturer, the AK-12 rifles have a length of 34,64 – 37 inches, a barrel length of 16.33 inches and a weight (without the magazine) of 7,7 pounds. These weapons have a velocity of 700 rounds per minute and carry a magazine with transparent parts (for monitoring the consumption of ammunition) of 30 rounds.

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Watch the weapon in action: 






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