Greek rifle AOR (AOP) | Presented before the Hellenic Army General Staff
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Published on 07/07/2020 at 09:17

The national rifle, designed by AOR (AOP) Design team, was presented before the Hellenic Army General Staff.

According to a report by Savvas Vlassis, the presentation took place before a large delegation of senior officers of the Army, who, in addition to praising the entire effort, exchanged views and questions to clarify individual details.

The design of the AOR rifle began in September 2019 and was completed in March 2020.

The design consists of a modern 5.56 mm NATO caliber carbine sample, labeled as M21-5, but the rifle can also be offered with 7.62 mm NATO caliber, labeled as M21-7. In terms of other technical characteristics, the rifle can be produced in other versions with different barrel lengths to meet different operational requirements.

Indicatively, the available versions are:

  • M21-5 CQB Carbine with 10.5 inch long barrel
  • M21-5 Carbine with 14.5 inch barrel
  • M21-5 Standard with 16-inch barrel
  • M21-5 DMR Sniper rifle with 18-inch barrel

The design of the rifle can be intervened by the operational user, depending on the service options and preferred solutions such as the operating system. The design covers both the requirements of conventional Infantry units for Tactical Warfare as well as Special Operations.

The basic design presented by the AOR Design team includes solutions such as M-LOK type, base set – handguard for lighter weight and more stable adjustment of accessories, improved ergonomics with dual hand (left-right) control levers (safety / firing lever, magazine release clutch, bolt clip) wider magazine receiver edges and extended trigger guard. Furthermore, the design includes a Free Float barrel, enhanced gun rigidness for improved fire accuracy and sustainability of operator adjustment settings, an anti-IR paint finish and the weapon’s main body painted accordingly to provide enhanced camouflage. Also the design includes an extendable butt and internal adjustments for improved operation quality.

All the components will be made of high quality and durable metal alloys and plastic parts reinforced with fiberglass that meet military standards, with the appropriate surface paints such as phosphating, anodizing, chrome plating, etc. The manufacturing of the weapon can be fully done in Greece.

The Army delegation was also informed about the steps that can be taken in the future for the further development of the rifle, as long as there is a similar interest.

The representatives of the AOR Design team developed the proposal that, as a private initiative, is addressed to the Greek State, i.e. for the production of weapons by the state Hellenic Defence Systems (EAS), since the existing legislation does not allow such activity by another body. The completed proposal includes full cooperation in product design and a consulting role in all subsequent phases related to the construction of functional prototypes, certification and design of the production line.

Classification: *M (Type), 21 (Greek War of Independence 1821), -5/7 Caliber type

The proposal also covers “strategic” cooperation in future development programs of a complete new series of light weapons that will be included in the range of EAS products. This range will include from pistols to carbines and special operation rifles as well as adaptable grenade launchers, which will mark the substantial and not the restricted “restart” of EAS.

According to the designers, the national solution offered by AOR, is the most economical option both for the Domestic Defence Industry and for the operational body that will adopt the weapon, i.e. for the Greek State as a whole. In essence, the Domestic Defence Industry acquires products and full production rights without any restrictions, with only a fraction of the cost compared to foreign companies, which means much greater profit margins and therefore a stronger position in international competition.

Through the solution offered by the AOR Design team, the country will enter the circle of European and NATO countries with the ability to design and manufacture portable weapons.

As for the Armed Forces, the clearly lower unit price that can be secured by the supply of national weapons design and construction, means that with the same amount of funding the needs not only for the supply of weapons, but also the supply of large quantities of ammunition or accessories can be met. The user will acquire weapons with similar capabilities to those offered by foreign companies. In addition, because the Greek military will have an active contribution to the final form of the weapon, the prestige of the Greek Armed Forces will be enhanced, while industrial culture in defence products will be cultivated in Armed Forces executives.

At the end of the briefing, the executives summarized that the weapon meets modern operational requirements and commented positively on the possibility of easy adaptation to the user’s requirements.

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