JCET | Impressive images from the exercise of Greek and US Special Forces – Photos and VIDEO
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Published on 25/11/2021 at 12:30

Impressive photos and videos were published by the Hellenic National Defence General Staff (GEETHA) from the joint training of the Special Forces of Greece and the USA. The said joint training, codenamed “Joint Combined Exchange Training” (JCET), involves means and personnel of the Land and Naval Special Operations of the Special Warfare Command of GEETHA, the Underwater Operations Unit of the Hellenic Coast Guard and US Special Operations Land Forces. 

The joint training is conducted in the wider region of Attica from Monday 1 to Friday 26 November 2021 in order to increase the level of cooperation, understanding, exchange of know-how and interoperability in the design and execution of Special Operations.

On the exercise’s Distinguished Visitors day, the honourable guests had the opportunity to attend the Tactical Exercise which was the culmination of JCET where the following scenarios were executed:

  • Direct Offense against a high value coastal target, with the participation of a pair of F-4 Fighter Jets and Attack Helicopters.
  • Non-Consensual Boarding.
  • Penetration with the HELOCASTING method.
  • Underwater course to surprise and neutralise enemy forces.

Source: GEETHA

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