Jaguar | The French Army’s armored combat vehicle “in action”
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Published on 12/02/2022 at 18:53

The French Army posted a new video on Twitter, which depicts its newest Jaguar-type armored combat vehicle in action.

The new combat and reconnaissance armored vehicle, known as Jaguar, is part of the Scorpion program, the first works of which began in 2014.

The development of the Jaguar has been carried out since 2015 by the manufacturers Nexter (in charge of the hull of the vehicle), Arquus (for the engine), and Thales (for the network and software). In 2018, three years after the launch of the program, the first prototypes were ready.

Dedicated to gradually replacing old-generation armored vehicles, the Jaguar benefits from innovative technologies in terms of soft equipment such as onboard electronics, sensors, and firepower.

This 6×6 wheeled platform is equipped with the same CTA 40mm cannon that features on British AJAX – and made by a consortium between BAE Systems and Nexter – as well as with the MMP guided anti-tank missiles (Missile Moyenne Portée – Medium Range Missile) by MBDA. It also features a 7.62 mm machine gun and eight smoke launchers.

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Other technical features of the Jaguar include:

  • Armor: Protection against the firing of small arms and shell splinters (NATO STANAG 4569 Level 4)
  • Weight: 25,000 kg
  • Speed: Up to 90 km/h
  • NBC protection (against nuclear, biological, and chemical agents), air conditioning, laser warning system, a threat missile detection system, radio and infrared jamming system for improvised explosive devices (IEDs)
  • Range: Up to 800 km
  • Crew: 3 people
  • Length: 7.3 m
  • Height: 2.6 m
  • Width: 3 m

In total, the French Army is set to receive 300 Jaguar vehicles by 2030 as part of a major modernization of the country’s ground forces. The vehicle is also in service with Belgium which will receive over 60 Jaguars and about 420 Griffon armored vehicles produced by the same consortium. 

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